Paper ID Paper Title Authors
1000-ESOLE (R4) Recommender Diagnosis System with Fuzzy Logic in Cloud Environment Maie mahmoud; Passent Elkafrawy; Ayman elsayed; Nedaa elsayed; Rasha Elnemr
1003-ESOLE (R3) Sentiments and Cognition Interdependence: An Exploratory Study of Sentiment Analysis and Image Schema Mai Magdy Sleim
1008-ESOLE (R1) Identifying Equivalent Words from Different Arabic Dialects Using Deep Learning Techniques Hamed Adel Ramadan; Mohammad Mushabbab Alqahtani; Abdullah Muhammad Alghoson
1009-ESOLE (R1) Contrastive Analysis of Color Representations Using Semantic Corpus Annotation “POS Tagging” The Holy Quran- A Case Study Ahmed E Kassem
1014-ESOLE (R2) A Critical Survey on Arabic Named Entity Recognition and Diacritization Systems Muhammad Nabil Rateb
1016-ESOLE (R2) Critical Survey on Arabic Named Entity Recognition and Diacritization Systems Muhammad Nabil Rateb; Sameh Alansary
1017-ESOLE (R2) Sentiment Analysis: Amazon Electronics Reviews Using BERT and Textblob Abdelrahman Nasser; Abdulrahman Emad; Mohamed Yasser; Hesham Atef; Walaa M Medhat; Mohamed Saeed Darweesh; Passent M. El-Kafrawy
1018-ESOLE (R2) La traduction automatique peut-elle remplacer la créativité humaine ? Asmaa Gaafar Abdel-Rassoul
1019-ESOLE (R2) electronic know your customer Abdallah Gomaa; Omar Rashed; abdelkarim refaey; abdelrahman mohamed; marwan sayed; Mohsen Rashwan
1020-ESOLE (R2) Sentiment Analysis from Subjectivity to (Im)politeness Detection: Hate Speech from a socio-Pragmatic perspective Samar Assem ; Sameh Alansary
1021-ESOLE (R2) Gold Price Prediction using Sentiment Analysis Mariem Abdou; Mena Shaltout; Alaa Godah; Kareem Sobh; Walaa M Medhat; Yomna Rizk
1023-ESOLE (R2) A Novel Dataset for Known and Unknown Ancient Arabic Manuscripts LUTFIEH ALHOMED 
1024-ESOLE (R2) Arabic Sentences Semantic Similarity based on word embedding Badrya Dahy; Mamdouh Farouk; Khaled Fathy
1025-ESOLE (R2) Fine-tuning Arabic Pre-Trained Transformer Models for Egyptian-Arabic Dialect Offensive Language and Hate Speech Detection and Classification Ibrahim Ahmed Amin; Mohamed Waleed Fakhr; Mostafa Mohamed Abbas; Rany Hatem; Andrew Ihab
1026-ESOLE (R2) The Guidelines of Building a Treebank for Modern Standard Arabic Amena Helmy Dheif
1027-ESOLE (R1) Sentiment analysis for Arabic low resource data using BERT-CNN Mohamed Fawzy; Mohamed Waleed Fakhr; Mohamed Abo Rizka
1028-ESOLE (R1) A Survey of Paraphrasing Generation Approaches and Tools for Arabic Mahinaz Mohamed Mahmoud Hegazy; Sameh Alansary
1029-ESOLE Learner Corpus in Teaching Greek to Arabic Natives A Computational Linguistic Applied Studying on the Play Oedipus the King of Sophocles Fatma Gaber Rizk
1030-ESOLE (R3) Semantic Similarity between Arabic Sentences Based on Word Embedding badrya dahy; Mamdouh Farouk; Khaled Fathy
1031-ESOLE (R1) On the use of graph embeddings instead of normal embeddings in embedding based recommender systems. Ahmed H Ragab; Passent M. El-Kafrawy
1032-ESOLE (R2) Towards a Psycholinguistic Database of Arabic Noha Fathy Hassan
1033-ESOLE (R1) Arabic Machine Translation (ArMT) based on LSTM with Attention Mechanism Architecture Dalal Abdullah Aljohany; Hassanin Al-Barhamtoshy
1034-ESOLE (R3) Dynamic Modeling and Identification of the COVID-19 Stochastic Dispersion Mohamed Taher Gamal; Passent M. El-Kafrawy; Mohammed Hedaya; Bahy A Bakeer; Mahmoud Z Ibrahim
1036-ESOLE (R1) "Neural Networks for Bilingual Machine Translation Model" Hassanin Al-Barhamtoshy; Ashraf S aid Qutb Metwalli
1037-ESOLE (R1) تمثيل المعلومات الصرف- صواتية للفعل المعتل في اللغة العربية باستخدام نظام قواعد المعرفة عزالدين علي غازي
1038-ESOLE (R1) Arabic Documents Layout Analysis (ADLA) using Fine-tuned Faster RCNN Latifa Jalal Omar Aljiffry ; Hassanin Al-Barhamtoshy; Felwa Abdulkarim Abukhodair; Amani Tariq Jamal
1040-ESOLE (R2) Deep Learning in Arabic Text Summarization: Approaches, Datasets and Evaluation Metrics Yasmin Einieh; Amal Almansour
1043-ESOLE (R1) Smart Customer Care: Scraping Social Media to Predict Customer Satisfaction in Egypt Using Machine Learning Models Mohamed Hosam Anwar; Karim Mohamed Omar; Ahmed Abbas Mohamed; Fakhreldin Mahmoud Abdelmonim; Mohamed Atef Refaie; Walaa M Medhat; Aly Abdelrazek; Yomna Rizk; Eman Gawish
1044-ESOLE (R1) Improving the performance of semantic text similarity tasks on short text pairs Mohamed Taher Gamal; Passent M. El-Kafrawy
1049-ESOLE (R1) Comparison of Different Deep Learning Approaches to Arabic Sarcasm Detection Mohamed Abdelaziz Galal; Ahmed Hassan; Hala Helmy Zayed; Walaa M Medhat
1050-ESOLE (R1) A Revised Survey of Paraphrasing Generation Approaches and Tools for Arabic Mahinaz Mohamed Mahmoud Hegazy; Sameh Alansary
1051-ESOLE (R1) Design and Implementation of a Dockerized, Cross Platform, Multi-Purpose Cryptography as a Service Framework Featuring Scalability, Extendibility and Ease of Integration Ali Merdan
1052-ESOLE (R2) Automatic POS tagging of Arabic words using the YAMCHA machine learning tool Alaa Samir Elnily; Ahmed Abdelghany
1055-ESOLE (R2) Automatic Detection of Various Types of Lung Cancer Based on Histopathological Images Using a Lightweight end to end CNN Approach Ahmed saber Sakr
1056-ESOLE (R1) Morphological Analysis of Egyptian Children Corpus by KIDEVAL Program Heba Salama